Odin Makes AKA Odin Abbott

Odin Makes AKA Odin Abbott

Appearing: Saturday, Sunday

In 2017 Odin started his YouTube channel Odin Makes, a DIY series about making props for cosplay, or just for display. Episodes focus on novice to intermediate skill levels, inexpensive materials, and often, minimal power tools. In each video the prop is taken from the very first step of pattern making to the finished painting and details; often featuring on-the-fly, on-screen problem solving. It's like a cooking show, but for props.

Episodes have included: the Infinity Gauntlet, Soul Edge from Soul Calibur, a full suit Gundam cosplay, and a full Mechagodzilla cosplay.

Booth, panels

Silicon 2022

Creating The Improbable.

We believe in every single person’s ability to create the improbable and to learn about themselves and the world in the process. Like any artifact worth searching for, sometimes all it takes is a bit of digging in the right place to find your unique ability. We seek to aid in this endeavor.

At SiliCon with Adam Savage, our goal is to bring together people who have long histories of creating, from filmmakers and actors, to artists, authors, engineers, scientists, technologists, and makers to share their creativity and enthusiasm. We know that the sum of all this interaction is greater than its individual parts. We celebrate the spark we get when we meet new people, surmount new challenges, exult and share with each other.

Adam Savage | SiliCon Creative Director