Emma Caulfield

Emma Caulfield

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Emma Caulfield, an award-winning actress known for her starring role as the young and beautiful demon-turned-mortal, "Anya", on Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997) starting in 1999. Her role was initially conceived only as a guest demon-of-the-week appearance in a December 1998 episode but was called back for a few more guest spots when Joss Whedon recognized her talent. She appeared in most of the episodes the following season, and after that, was promoted to a full time series regular. She has starred in numerous films including the hit indie sci-fi/rom-com film Timer (2009) as the central character, Oona Leary, a woman on the verge of 30th birthday who trusts that an implanted timer devise will tell her the exact moment she will meet her true love.

Caulfield starred in the ensemble indie film, Telling of the Shoes (2014) as "Alex", the quietly suffering wife of a man with a deep secret. She garnered praise in the role of Sarah in the short film Hollow (2007), picking up a Best Actress award at the Beverly Hills Short Film Festival. She starred as "Caitlin Green" in the Revolution Studios's thriller, Darkness Falls (2003). She also starred alongside Chaney Kley as a young woman attempting to take care of her troubled 8-year old brother who is plagued by night terrors. Left to her own resources, Caitlin must tackle the legendary evil that haunts their small town in the dark.

Caulfield spent 2010 juggling two shows, Gigantic (2010)and Life Unexpected (2010), in heavily recurring arcs. She is also a writer and producer. In August 2009, she and her writing partner Camilla Ransten launched the successful web comic, Contropussy. A decidedly female driven satire that showcases human behavior through the eyes of animals. She is also the co-creator, executive producer and star of the hit web-series Bandwagon: The Series (2010).

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